Tuesday, 3 July 2018

M&M's Research

Today we were doing some math on m&m's and we were trying to find out how many were in the 45 grams packet and i guessed 45 and I was wrong they were 53 in our packet. i collaborated with Tiava, Sky , Tai and Nevaeh. I found this activity to be fun because we got to count m&m's and that is what i found fun. I thought that the blue m&m's would manly be in the packet. but unfortunately i was wrong and we only had 4 blues in our packet.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Poem - Inchcape bell

This is a piece of a poem that i chose out to do a blog post about and the poem is called the inchcape bell and it is about a rock and the rock is something that you don't want your boat to crash into it because it will sink you and this poem is about a man who cut the bell and the bell went all the way down and then the man who did it got rich and was heading for Scotland shores then it was a dark night they couldn't see anything but they new that were they are they should see the sore then they heard a bang. you will have to read it to find out what happens. 

teach cooking

Today at tech we were going to bake pancakes. The instructions were already written on the board. The ingredients were simple because all the equipment were pretty much set up for us to be prepared. The thing that was difficult about cooking was to make sure that the mixture of ingredients aren't t soft or hard it's suppose to be just right so it can make round. We all had a go at trying our best to make round circles but it turned out to be wobbly. What I found really difficult was  that my mixture was to watery and the thing why it turned out wrong is because I was whisking it to long. What I found tasteful was the Hershey's syrup on the pancake. It was great at tech with Ms Tupulatu.

teach cooking

Today at tech we are baking muffins. The recipe wasn't simple because there were too many steps to follow but we still participated. The thing I like going to tech is learning new things and creating new things. I like cooking with Ms Tuipulotu because she is funny and she teaches us to cook and what to do if we do something wrong. Baking muffins is kind of hard because you have to make sure that it wasn't burnt. That was probably the hardest because you have to keep an eye on it to make sure that it isn't hard or soft.

teach - cooking

Today at food tech we were baking Quiches. The recipe was simple to do because it was already written on the board. My partner and I worked really well today because we were communicating with each other sorting the things that we should do. The things that I did was dicing the ham into small little cubes to put on the pastry. The second thing that we did was to place the cheese on top of the ham. The third thing that I done was pouring a half cup of milk into the silver measuring bowl and adding four eggs. After whisking the eggs and the milk we poured it into a measuring jug to pour it on the pastry. The cheese was added on the pastry so the texture and mixture can combine. When the pastry is finished getting poured with the milk and egg we had to top up some of the quiches. We put the oven on for 250 degrees and cook it for ten minutes. When the quiches were done baking in the oven the smell of the quiches were amazing.

teach reflextion

Today at tech we were baking chocolate muffins. As we were following the instructions we placed our mixture of ingredients on the cooking bench. The smell of the chocolate muffins was delicious. We put the timer to 15 minutes. When the timer beeped that meant that the muffins were cooked.