Friday, 23 September 2016

beat the clock

this game is on tramsum and you have to beat the timer and the timer comes down faster ans faster and then if you beat the clok you win

               LI: to get my math faster

online sudoku

this is a can do and it is on transum and transum has maths game and this is called online Sudoku 

LI: is to solve so It can help me with my pluze solving 

valerie adams

Valerie Adams she is one of the Giles that repuzent NZ for shout put and she has got us a silva metel

[zane] [Breathless] Independent Reading tasks

to day I had to make a independent reading and I read a book called Breathless and this book I rate 9 out of 10 because there was good detail and the reader [me] could paint a picter

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Algorithms Method

today we had to work with people form different gorps and then we learnt there was and then we had to make this

LI:To teach the Korean Method
LI:To investigate the 3 multiplication Strategies

haunted house

haunted house

There once was a house and the house they said it was haunted  and there was one man that wanting to go in and see the ghost to find out if the ghost in real and his name was James and he had no family he was left out in the cold and he was left in front of a house and the house was owed by to people and those two people were named Mary and Henry and they  were married for 3 years and they pulled in James  and James was a very smart boy and he went to the best college and he got bullied and then he went to his house and at his house he got a call and that call was  saying the Mary and Henry died and then he went to   there funeral and he felt a tingle and then he went to the house and some people all ready went in and said that the place was haunted and he said that that was a lie and then he we in and saw a plate move he said is anyone here and there was no answer and then he went to the kitchen and then he heard a yell for help and he ran there as fast a possible and there was nothing there and then and then he got scared and he ran for the exit and then he went to the grave and there was no stone saying that they died and he went back to the house and
LI: to write a short narrative Today my group got asked to make a narrative and my narrative is on a story about a haunted house and what I found hard was the under standing what a narrative is and it took me not long to do this work

Thursday, 15 September 2016

How to make a poi

today we had to lisen to a vidio and the vidio was  how to make a poi

to write a procedural text.

Zane and freeman [] [the robers mask] Reading DLO

to day we had to make a google drawing and this is my work and in the image you can see my learning in tench-en and I found it hard to figer out the main idea and this story is about a girl and a boy getting in trouble with people you are going to have to read the rest of the book to find out what else happens

maths agrithom

LI: Applying our Knowledge and Strategy tool kit to real world problems. The hard part was to understand and this is how to do times table

Friday, 9 September 2016

[Zane and Feeman] Word Webs

today me and freeman done some work and this is my reading and for my reading and for my reading we had to scan the box the thief and then we had to lest down some  word that we did not know and

LI: to find the most important (main) idea in a text.

Mele, Joel, Nyjah, Zane & Angari - Writing DLO

today we all helped and this is what can happen and this is my writing and this is hard to do because there and more then one story that we had to read and then we had to watch a video  and we had to Wright bown the verbs and action words

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Cyrus And Zane Ancient and Modern Olympics

today Cyrus and I had to do some Inquiry and for our Inquiry we had to do ancient and modern Olympics and It was hard because we had to make 10 question  and then we had to put it on a kahoot  and then next week  my grop is going to play my kahoot

Friday, 2 September 2016


today we had inquiry and for inquiry I was in the diet challenge and this is my slid

what I found had was trying to find the web site  and that was the had think for me



LI: to summarise This is a DLO about comets. This Tells the reader what is a comet about and how it is orbiting around the sun..

[Freeman and Zane] Writing DLO

LI:To identify the structure and the language features of a procedural text
 today Freeman and I worked together for our must do and our must do  and this week we had to lisen to some instruction and then we drawed some pictures and the pictures are in the bottom left

Addition of large numbers

LI: to add and subtract using our strategy tool kit the to photos at the top are 2 of the maths must do and this is my work and I had to add number to anther number and then If I got it right I had to cheek again and then I had the awser and I got all the quisitions right