Thursday, 28 September 2017

Helen Clark

Election is just this Saturday. This week LS2 were learning about Elections. There were three Election Challenges for us to do. The first Election Chellenge was called Political Party. This blog post is about the first challenge. The second challenge is called Prime Minister and last but not least, the third challenge is called Democracy. Here is the task we've completed => Political Party

Term 3 Dance Production

On Wednesday and to day at 6.00 we are doing our Production and i am in 2 of them i am in kapa haka and i see red it is so much fun to dance on the stage with some friends and do the haka and danced to i see red witch i think was hard because i forgot some of the actions.

Democracy Flow Chart

Democracy is used in a lot of countries like Australia, England and New Zealand. Democracy derives from the Greek Language. Before the English language changed to democracy the french wrote it was démocratie In New Zealand we have the queen on top with the governor-general as her represent

kiwi can

Today LS2 went to Kiwi Can. During Kiwi Can we played three games which was Hand Soccer, 10 down and Objects. In Hand Soccer we were first splited into two groups. We each given numbers from 1 to 13. Mr Malo had to call out two numbers and those two numbers had to try and get a goal between the two cones with their hand.

Image result for kahoot
For our last election task we had to create a kahoot quiz with at least 10 question based on the elections. Thank you to Fraidon group for sharing their kahoot with LS2. One of the questions we had to answer was who is the leader for the Labour party. I think learning about elections is amazing and enjoyable.

Cross Country

last week at Cross Country we had to run 3.5 k and that was 5 laps around the small part of Dunkirk and we started to run and not long after we all slowed down and i ended coming around last but it was fun and then we watch all the little kid go and they were going so fast but i came 3 to last but i was happy that i finished it i had lots of fun doing it and that what counts.

Print Advertisment

To day we were doing Print Advertisment and it was fun because we had to 
find a photo of a add and then we had to label all of the things like the logo 
and the price and it was fun and hard because it toke me a wile to find out thr 

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Scale Drawing

This term we have been focusing on Scale Drawing. We have been learning how to draw a butterfly using a grid. Scale Drawing is when you print a picture you want (for example a dog) and enlarge it by drawing the picture a bit bigger. First before drawing our picture we had to draw a grid over our printed picture and then do the same to our bigger paper but twice the size. During this term of learning Scale Drawing we used ratio to find the correct spaces of our picture.

Shot Types

Monday, 25 September 2017

What Is A Coalition?

Today LS2 was discussing about the election on Saturday. The problem with the election is that Labour and National do not have enough sets so they are waiting for the New Zealand first (Winston Peters). Tiava, Ofa, Mataio and I learnt what a coalition is. My group learnt that a coalition is when the little group of parties is aligned with the bigger parties to gain more seats for them to become the Prime Minister. We also learnt who our MP is for our local area.

Monday, 18 September 2017

9th Sleep / ebookday

Image result for ebook day logo

Today my class had so much fun we got to read our books that we pick out on Tamika over drive and they have so many fun books and to day is e book day #e-book-love go and cheek them out. 

Thursday, 7 September 2017

9th Sleep

This is a story on a kid when his mum was 16 he was born she was a virgin when he was born and around the middle it say that they are god but there is one brother and that brother wanted to be king because the there about one did like the place and all of it is a good book and i rate it a 8/10 it was amazing because we had lots of fun reading and it was so awkward to be able to hear nothing.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

subjects and verbs - Zane

to day we made this is what we did and I had a lot of fun because we had to make 3 compound sentence and it was hard because i'm not that good at doing complex sentences .

Friday, 1 September 2017

Why it's great to be me

Its Great to be me Because i like to do thing like play games and sports i like playing sports because i love being active and getting our there and like to try and stay active and fit and there word are not  just about me I had some friends work with me to do this and we made a whole bunch of word that we could do this and i think that we done an amazing job .


Today at Tech my group and I went into food tech and it was amazing Today we made Oreo milkshakes and we started off with cutting out the withe piece in the middle of the Oreo and then we had to smash them that was lyric job and Carl had to get 2 cups of milk and 2 teaspoon of chocolate sauce and one cup of ice cream and then we move on to the mixing when we had to grab a blender and then put all of our ingredients in and then mix them all together and then there was the finishing touch we got to add Oreo to the top and sprinkles as well and our tech work at Tamaki college and her name is Mrs Heka.