Friday, 11 March 2016

Tiava, Zane, Kezia - Feathers

KWL Chart
Before you begin your research, list details in the first two columns. Fill in the last column after completing your research.

What I am learning:
What I know
What I want to learn
What I learned
  • Soft    

  • Stem

  • Help birds fly
  • Can tickle people

  • Feathers Keeps you warm

  • You could make stuff with feathers

  • Birds are the only creatures that have feathers

  • Feathers are different size

  • Feathers are light

  • Feathers are different colours

  • Feathers are easy to pluck out
  • Feathers can make you sneeze
  • How do feathers help the bird fly?

  • How many feathers does a bird have?

  • How many types of feathers are their?

  • Why do birds have feathers?
  • How does a bird’s feathers grow?

  • How do feathers get through a bird’s skin?

  • Why do their feathers fall off?

  • Birds have small soft feathers to keep them warm

  • Birds have two types of feathers

  • Flight feathers look a bit like they're in a straw

  • Lager smooth    feathers on a bird is called flight wings

  • Birds barbs are made of keratin
  • When a new feather pokes through the bird's skin it nibbles it