Friday, 16 November 2018

Meerkat's mail

today I worked on this story and it was about a meerkat and it is about him moving to his uncle's house and the moves to his cousin 

Emily Gravett - .Wolves

today I worked with san kyaw and we worked together on our wolves dlo and this is about Emily Gravett's book on wolves this book is telling us about wolves and how they hunt in a pack 

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Is the blurb important?

This week is book week and we ask everyone a question is a blurb to the book important and every one said yes. we got four different reason's why and on the left pie chart is telling you reason's why the blurb is important and the one on the right is telling you that everyone agreed that the blurb is important 

Friday, 9 November 2018

Armistice commemorations

Today a representative from the New Zealand defence force and this was because we were celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the armistice agreement from World War 1. mis kiripatric read to us the flanders field poem and we also read oath and then we look at the flag because we were putting it down and the back up and that is for the soldier to tell them that there work has been done and that they  did a good job .

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Zane and Kanye - collaborative comprehension

this week we were in pairs and we had a lot of fun working on this because I and my partner worked together 

Friday, 26 October 2018


Today was our second session of graphics for term 4. We didn't have Mr Pineda in so we had Mr McKenzie-Brown who is an English teacher in Tamaki College. Today since Mr Pineda wasn't here we were to finish off coloring and drawing our charity boxes. My charity box is based on helping the homeless so I have phrases such as Donate, Help the homeless,  and Please donate $1. I've also added a home/shelter which symbolizes that homeless people need shelter. I've nearly finished coloring and going to put together my charity box

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Shake out

Today is national Shakeout this activity could be used throughout NZ. This helps people understand what you do in a natural disaster called earthquakes and they are a very destructive disaster. Like it destroys hundreds of thousands of dollars and can sometimes kill a lot of people where the disaster had occurred. In our school, we did the drill on the 18th of October 2018 at 9:30am. We had to follow the procedure like drop cover and hold they are the three steps to avoid getting extremely injured.

Thursday, 13 September 2018


Today was the last week for HITT (High Intense Interval Training) program. For the last 15 weeks, we have been doing HIIT twice every week, we have had lots of rotations through the exercises and found our favorites. This training program is for us to increase our heart rate by Pau te hau which in Maori means getting puffed. The 4 exercises we did was tap steps, push-ups, star jumps, and sit-ups. For these rotations we did the 4 sets of each. We also had 20 seconds to do each exercise. We got an extra 10 seconds for a little break to regain our energy.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018


Today for maths we were learning about exponents. I found this activity easy because it was not difficult to understand the meaning. I completed a question sheet that had exponent problems. Afterward, I made a DLO on how to use exponents.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi Can the came up to our class and we had played a game called beat maker it was like wink murderer because there was one person in the middle and everyone else on the outside in a circle and then miss lily had chosen someone to start making the beat and then the person had to choose who was making the beat and they got 3 chances and they would have to get it right within through 3 picks or else they lose. Then we played GKQ witch is there are 2 people who stand up and get asked a question and if they get it right they move on but if they get it wrong they have to sit down and the person who got it right will move on to the next person in the circle and they would go on and on until they lose and then they have to sit down.

Sentences using colons

today we did a challenge on colons to see what we knew about them and I got it right and I had a lot of fun because I found this a bit challenging for me because I'm not that good at using colons because I'm not sure where they go in a sentence. but today I learned that they go in front of a list and when you ar4e giving someone an option on what to do.

VR study

Today we had fun because we did a Vr study and I found it fun because we got to learn about the first made bridge and that you had to pay a little bit fo money to cross because the money would help them cover the cost on the bridge and that we had to build a dam and drain all the water out so then they could build it and not have any water that they are swimming in and I learned that before the bridge was made that they used a small boat to cross the the beginning we had to take a test and for the test we had to walk in a straight line and then once we were done that we had to go over to the other side and we put on glasses and he showed us a book that had pictures in them and it would be like wearing 3D glasses because the picture would come out at you and you had to name what the picture was but I think that for that test I did well because I think I got all of the words right.
I would like to thank Evon and her team of people who came out and gave us this learning opitunaty and thank you to Miss Anderson and Mrs. Kirkpatrick for making this possible for LS2.

Monday, 3 September 2018

What are sense verbs. Test

Today we did a small test on how and what senses are. How do we use them properly I ended up getting two wrong and the rest right I thought that I would get all of them right. I was wrong and got 2 wrong. but I changed it and did it again and got all right.

Reading - The lighting thief Percy Jackson

Today I have been reading a book called Percy Jackson the lighting thief I think that in the movie there are a lot of things that they don't put in the movie but they have in the book which I  think that they should put every in the movie and not have anything missed out because I think that the people who are watching the movie will miss out on everything that happened in the book I also worked with Tiava and we had a very good working second because she was doing her work on our DLO andIi was finishing reading a couple more pages so I wouldn't be so far behind.

Image result for Percy Jackson The lighting thief

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Why is sleep so important?

Today we have created a DLO on why sleep is so important it is important because we all need a specific amount of sleep to stay healthy and in other countries, there are people who don't have a home there is one guy who sleeps on a set of tires.

Netball - Zane

Today we were playing a game of Netball and we had warm-ups it was a game of golden child and then we played a proper game of netball and I thought that it was fun because the teams tied up and I thought that it was super fun to do because at the end we played a game and it was like who would win at being the best at grabbing the ball and I started off and I was winning because I had won agist 5 people then I lost to Jeremiah because he got 19 people and won and I came in 2 because I got 5 out of 19.

Hiit - Zane

Today for HIIT we did 4 sets of squats, high knees, tap step and star jumps. I thought that this would be harder than it was but for me this time it felt pretty easy. Thank you to Lyric, Tiava, Mataio, and Affonso for leading us in the activity and thank you to Mrs. Anderson for cheering us on.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Maths - Zane

Today for maths we did maths on a family having a party and there were three questions that we answered and then we chose one and this was that one that we have chosen

How to use an analogue clock

Do you wish to learn how to tell analog time?  Today I am going help you learn how to tell the analog time. There are a couple of things you need to know about the clock before we get started. There is one shorthand and that hand tells you the hour and then there is a long hand and that it the minute hand and sometimes there is one more hand which is smaller then all the rest and that is the second hand. The last part is the face which is the front with all the numbers on it.

When we are looking at a clock and it says that that the shorthand is one the three  and the small hand is on the one that means the time is 3:30 but if the shorthand is in the middle of three and four  that means that you go up from the hand and that means that it would be 3:00.

When you’re looking at the clock you will see that there are numbers ranging from 1 - 12 and in between each of the numbers are little lines that represent 1 minute and in between each of the big numbers there are 5 little lines which if you have the very little hand it will stand for the seconds and they also stand for the minutes.

I hope that you have learnt how to use an analogue  clock which in life can be very helpful if you don't know how to read it because in your office there could be only one clock which is an analogue clock which then this information would come in really big help.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Maths week - Scale drawing

Last week was maths week and we had a lot of fun because we did scale drawings. We had to go on the internet and search up something we liked and something that wasn't too hard to draw. As you can see I did Goku off dragon ball z and I had a lot of fun testing my drawing skills and I didn't do too bad. My ratio is 1:2 because the small one is one centimeter, the big one it two centimeter which makes me ratio 1:2 and my scale factor is 2 because we doubled the size of the small one. This is my second time doing this because I did it last year and I did Luffy off one piece and it was very hard for me. For me, I found this hard because I'm not good at drawing but I think I did alright.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Cooking teach - Zane

Today at Teach we were making sausage kababs we used a kabab stick and 3 different types of sausages and then we also had capsicum and red onion. I didn't like the red onion because I don't like onions and I ate a raw piece of the capsicum and loved it so I packed my kababs with capsicum and then we cooked them for 15 minutes at 200 and in about 5-10 minutes they were done and ready to eat they tasted super good.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Teach cooking - Zane

today at teaching we were cooking pasta and it tasted so good because we were all eating it but some of us didn't really like it but I did and I ended up giving some to my friend and he said that it was really good and he liked it, which I found good because that means I'm good at cooking

ASB - get wise

Today in the middle block we meet a person from ASB get wise his name was Jayden he was really fun to talk to and he was telling us how that he was getting payed 4$ a day and that he wanted to save his money to go on a trip and that he wasn't good at saving money and that he told us the earnings - spending = saving he topd u that he had 4$ a day and that he would buy a 4$ Coffee and to save he decided  not to buy Coffee for 5 days a week and the  week ends he would spent 4$ a day on coffee so ever week he was saving 20$ so if he saved for 10 weeks he would have 200$.

then we played a game and this game was about us working together and trying to figure out what we need to buy and we were going to Fiji and this was my group we were group 2 and we did good because we placed 2 in a tie with group 3 and group 4 one group 5 came 3 and group 1 got disqualified because we weren't allowed to go over our beget with was 1,800 and they lost because they didn't have insurance and they ended up getting food poisoning and that cost 600 $ and they only had 100$ let to pay with so they failed

HIIT - Zane

Today for HIIT we did high knees, mountain climbers, tap step and star jumps. I found this very tiring because I was one of the 3 people leading this training which I found fun but it was a lot tiring then I thought it would be. big thanks to Mataio and Tiava for helping out with the Hiit practice. thank you miss Anderson for supporting us on our activities.

Tamaki college - Zane

last week on Friday we went down to Tamaki college and stayed there for the whole day because we were having a learning experience on what it's like being in college and it was fun because our subjects that we learned about was since, maths, then English and sports we had fun at sports because it was like we were playing capture the flag but it was with cones and a lot of fun

Hiit - Zane

today for hiit training we were doing push ups and star jumps for our work out today it was deffrent becasue we only had two exercises witch we did 2 in one rotaction becasue it went push ups, star jumps, push ups, star jumps. it was very sore.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

HIIT - Zane

Today for HIIT we did high knees, mountain climbers, split squat karate kick and star jumps. I found this very tiring because I was one of the 3 people leading this training which I found fun but it was a lot tiring then I thought it would be. big thanks to Mataio and Tiava for helping out with the Hiit practice. thank you miss Anderson for supporting us on our activities.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Winemaker - Zane

today we were working on a description for the job that we want and how much we can earn the qualifications/training that is needed for this job and the subject that could help you have a higher chance on getting this job. I chose this career because I found out that it could give you 115k - 175k a year which I think is a lot.

CareerQuest - Zane

Today we were going to a site called CareerQuest and this is a site that has 78 questions and these questions and just asking you what are some things you like to do like if you like to talk on behalf of someone or if you like to help animals or something like that. We used it and I got given 51 careers that I might be able to do like the first one I looked at was a winemaker and they get paid 115k - 175k a year.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

HIIT - Zane

Today for Hiit we were doing star jumps for 30 seconds then we did tap step for 30 seconds and finally, we did high knee sprints for 30 seconds. In between each activity, we had 30 seconds rest and we did that 3 times around which took about 9 minutes to do this activity. We were led by Mataio and Tiava they did a really good job on keeping on time and everyone enjoyed doing this activity.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

M&M's Research

Today we were doing some math on m&m's and we were trying to find out how many were in the 45 grams packet and i guessed 45 and I was wrong they were 53 in our packet. i collaborated with Tiava, Sky , Tai and Nevaeh. I found this activity to be fun because we got to count m&m's and that is what i found fun. I thought that the blue m&m's would manly be in the packet. but unfortunately i was wrong and we only had 4 blues in our packet.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Poem - Inchcape bell

This is a piece of a poem that i chose out to do a blog post about and the poem is called the inchcape bell and it is about a rock and the rock is something that you don't want your boat to crash into it because it will sink you and this poem is about a man who cut the bell and the bell went all the way down and then the man who did it got rich and was heading for Scotland shores then it was a dark night they couldn't see anything but they new that were they are they should see the sore then they heard a bang. you will have to read it to find out what happens. 

teach cooking

Today at tech we were going to bake pancakes. The instructions were already written on the board. The ingredients were simple because all the equipment were pretty much set up for us to be prepared. The thing that was difficult about cooking was to make sure that the mixture of ingredients aren't t soft or hard it's suppose to be just right so it can make round. We all had a go at trying our best to make round circles but it turned out to be wobbly. What I found really difficult was  that my mixture was to watery and the thing why it turned out wrong is because I was whisking it to long. What I found tasteful was the Hershey's syrup on the pancake. It was great at tech with Ms Tupulatu.

teach cooking

Today at tech we are baking muffins. The recipe wasn't simple because there were too many steps to follow but we still participated. The thing I like going to tech is learning new things and creating new things. I like cooking with Ms Tuipulotu because she is funny and she teaches us to cook and what to do if we do something wrong. Baking muffins is kind of hard because you have to make sure that it wasn't burnt. That was probably the hardest because you have to keep an eye on it to make sure that it isn't hard or soft.

teach - cooking

Today at food tech we were baking Quiches. The recipe was simple to do because it was already written on the board. My partner and I worked really well today because we were communicating with each other sorting the things that we should do. The things that I did was dicing the ham into small little cubes to put on the pastry. The second thing that we did was to place the cheese on top of the ham. The third thing that I done was pouring a half cup of milk into the silver measuring bowl and adding four eggs. After whisking the eggs and the milk we poured it into a measuring jug to pour it on the pastry. The cheese was added on the pastry so the texture and mixture can combine. When the pastry is finished getting poured with the milk and egg we had to top up some of the quiches. We put the oven on for 250 degrees and cook it for ten minutes. When the quiches were done baking in the oven the smell of the quiches were amazing.

teach reflextion

Today at tech we were baking chocolate muffins. As we were following the instructions we placed our mixture of ingredients on the cooking bench. The smell of the chocolate muffins was delicious. We put the timer to 15 minutes. When the timer beeped that meant that the muffins were cooked. 

Teach - Cooking , Rock cakes

Today at teach we made rock cake
*pre heat the oven 180
*1 1/2 cup of flower 
*1/2 cup of sugar 
*12 cup of cream , 1/4 cup of oil 
*1 egg 
*mix well with plastic scraped 
*1 scoop of the mix on to a metal tray

Thursday, 21 June 2018


Hiit. hiit is where we do some work out to see if it will help with our learning this time we did 40 seconds of pull ups but we had to be laying on the ground and lifting our body up off the ground and our heals were the only body part that was allowed to touch the ground. Then i had fun doing the squats this is were we were by the table and we had to make our hands touch the table. then we were on the ground doing push ups and it was really hard because our whole body was already sore from doing every think else but we gave it our best. we dd it 3 time around each one for 40 seconds and a 40 second break.

Friday, 15 June 2018


To day at food teach we were making Quiches. then we had finished making them and they were super good.
When they were cooking they looked like they would come out of the tray then we took them out of the oven and they started to go flat.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Kiwi can

Today for kiwi can we played a game called two truths and one lie. This is on the topic of accountability. Accountability means to be ready for any think so this mean that you are ready to have a good day at school by having what you need for your sports and that you need it for your regular day. We were also talking about integrity and this mean that you will be honest and have non of your lies  that is holding you back.

Hiit blog post

This is what we have been doing for the last 4 weeks and it has been very hard to do because we were doing split squat then the squat pules and then the squat jump and last we have star jumps and this is all done under 15 mintes we do 30 seconds of the work out then 30 seconds rest and we do this 3 time over and over.

Maths problem

This is our maths work and we were working on how to solve a problem and the text in the left is the question and on the right is the answers we used this and it help us lean out division.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Kiwi Sports

this time at kiwi sports we had fun practice side step and spin step they are bought used to trick the opponent in thinking that your going one way but you end up going they other way. We also play the number game were we had a number each and there were two team and each team had 11 players so it went down the line form 11 to 1 and then he would call a number and the number in bought teams had to run around the cone then one player would be attacking and the other defending witch i was attacking and my opponent was Matio and it was very hard to get past him since he plays ruby.

Teach blog post

Today at teach we were cooking chocolate chip muffins we had so much fun cooking because it is give us a chance to learn more about team work and cooking.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Body system

Today for inquiry we were learning about body systems. I learned that there are 11 body systems in your body. We were given a link to read about the different body parts and what they do. After we played a game were we either had to assemble the bones of the human body or label the different bones in the body.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Hiit / high intensity interval training

To day we had fun doing our high intensity interval training / hiit because we were playing whanowhano and it was for our warm up it was to make us puff and help us get fit. We did squats for 30 seconds then have a 45 second rest then do jump squats for 30 second and we did that 4 time witch killed my legs. We all so had heart our hart rates on the TV and we were looking at our heart rate we got told that if your fit it will be hared to get in the red zone the red zone means that we are puff the orange means that your slowly calming down and the it get to yellow and them means that your almost back to normal then there is blue witch means that your fine. 

Monday, 21 May 2018

Writing|Using Punctuation to Create a Conversation

The learning intention was to place the correct speech bubbles in the right spot and placing the full stop and capital letters in the first sentence.

Friday, 18 May 2018


L.I. - Identify literary device - Metaphor
Identify parts of speech - Synonyms

  1. What is a metaphor?

a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable

  1. Write out the four metaphors from the poem

In winter its black like a skeleton
In spring its a white bonfire
In autumn tis golden rain
In summer its a green galaxy

  1. What is the poet describing here?
The tree that grows out here gate

  1. Why has the poet repeated the first line again at the end?

Because its saying that it6ts never ending so there's circle that never ends

  1. Find a 2 synonyms for these words:
  • Bonfire /campfire
  • Rain/precipitation

Create a DLO that explains what a metaphor is. Include your own examples.


The unfinished drink

this is a story that we read and i think that is is a sad story because even though the solder died they still have the bottle in there bar and that bar is still here. This story makes me fell sad a happy i fell sad because the solder never came back and he had died. but it also makes me happy because it nice of the people not to drink his drink.

year 7 leadership

this is when we were learning how its like being a leader and have to succeed on all of work and finish every think with is a good thing but also a really hard thing because we are now yr 8 and have a lot of catch up to do 

Kiwi Sports

today we were having fun playing touch for our kiwi sports and i think that our group had a lot of fun ruining around and using team work to score. i think it is fun because its not a contact sport but it a hard sport to play if your not fast a athletic. 

Kiwi can

At kiwi can we played a game it where there are 4 people in the middle and there team mate have to make shur that they get the ball to there own person in the middle and from there you can see that this is a practice round then you should make it so there one ball then chuck it in the middle and then the team that gets the ball get to pick witch team to eliminate what team that they want 

Thursday, 17 May 2018


L.I. - Identify literary device - Metaphor
Identify parts of speech - Synonyms

  1. What is a metaphor?

a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable

  1. Write out the four metaphors from the poem

In winter its black like a skeleton
In spring its a white bonfire
In autumn tis golden rain
In summer its a green galaxy

  1. What is the poet describing here?
The tree that grows out here gate

  1. Why has the poet repeated the first line again at the end?

Because its saying that it6ts never ending so there's circle that never ends

  1. Find a 2 synonyms for these words:
  • Bonfire /campfire
  • Rain/precipitation

Create a DLO that explains what a metaphor is. Include your own examples.


Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Mathematical Me

This week we have been using string to measure how tall we are. It was interesting to find out that the width of our arm span, was the same as our height. My partner and I had a lot of fun doing all the measurements, including that your height is 7x the length of your foot.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Poem - Juxtaposition

In the morning I wake up and feel the sun streaming through the window.
I walk to school and hear the birds chirping happily.
People laugh and smile walking cheerfully.
I reach the school gates feeling relaxed and

In the morning it’s cold,Winter is back again.
I walk to school with numb hands and feet
The ally way is dark and dreary,
The leaves fall from the trees.
I reach the school gates feeling tired and gloomy.

This is my summer and winter poems they both tell you how I fell in summer walking to school and in winter walking to school they were a bit confusing. We were also looking at Juxtaposition how it contrast two words that have been placed together

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Zane and Lyric - Maths Rich Task

This is our work that was topic ed on age and this was about who was older and who was younger by using multiplication to figure out there ages  and as you can see jack is the oldest 

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Family tree

this is a DLO on how we read a book and how it it is not about war it is about all the memories about how he climbed the tree and all that you what to read it it is called Memorial.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

How to use a protractor

This is a DLO on how to use a protractor. You will need to figure out where the center of the protractor is, next figure out where the lines go and then measure from the zero. When you measure the number / line that could be the nearest. If the line is in the middle of the two numbers you look at which side is the biggest number and then go down to the lower number.
example 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 40 the biggest number is 30 so you go down to 30 and so then the answer is 35.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Grey Angles Summary

Keywords: All keywords in Summary will be highlighted in yellow
Nurse/s, World War 1, Sick, Injured, Edna Pengelly, Treated


This text talked about the Nurses that Treated Sick and Injured World
War 1 soldiers. It also shared World War 1 Nurse Edna Pengally’s story
. It talks about what operations Edna was a part of, and how she felt
during her working hours. Edna Pengelly was born on the 5th July
1874, and died on the 20th August 1959. It explains that patients would
be Treated in tents, Hospital ships, and even trains! There was a part of
the text that explained shell shock, and it’s symptoms.  

how it was like to be a nurse in 1914

This is a blog post about how it was like for some one that had to be a healer for the people in war it would be stress full and hard on them if there patients died.