Monday, 6 November 2017

Zebras - Zane

Today I had fun learning about zebras and what they eat were they live what types of zebras and that most of them like to live in savanna or places with long grass.There are three types of zebras one is called mountain zebras and grey zebras then the plain zebras.


  1. Hi Zane I really enjoyed reading your blogpost DLO about Zebras, I think your layout looks amazing and that your images you picked look fascinating. Maybe next time you could make sure you put a capital letter after a full stop. And also make sure that you do an capital I instead of an i. Keep up with the great work

    Your sincerely Calvin

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  3. Hi Zane,
    I really enjoyed learning about zebras. I think your layouts are really good and is understandable you images you picked are amazing. Maybe next time you could put more time on your blurb and check for capitals like I instead of i. Keep up all the great work

    Your sincerely Joshua