Friday, 1 April 2016

easter holaday

In the week end we went to our nanas house for easter because our nana like to be around us but I don't like going there because there is a long journey to get there my nana lives in Orwa and we live in panmure and we went up and we first gave nana some egg sand then we un packed and we went to our mum friends house and her name was aunt Sharon but she was not our unte she has 2 boy riley,taylor and one girl her name is sira. there live by a pool and there are the only one that can get in and then we went for a swim the water was cold and the dep side we done boom and dives and munus and then we hop out and gave our dogs a bath then we got changed.we stayed for a little longer and me and riley played mine craft  and then we had to leave and we went back to our nanas and went for a swim and I felt 3 crabs on me and I got scare. And we went home to nanas and the it got late and we had chicken  and then we went to bed and we stayed up playing on xbox and then I fell asleep. And then we woke up and there was nothing there and then we had breakfast and then my sister side to come look in the bedroom and there was a big egg and a bunny and the I ate the bunny and then we went home and had lunch and that in how my easter holiday went.

How to make easter eggs

this is what I have made to day and this tell you how to make chocolate eggs

origins of the easter bunny and easter eggs

today I have been learning what the origins of easter is

Acrostic Poem Template by zane

today I have been learning how to make a poem about easter