Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Once upon a time there was a boy and his sister and his name is Affonso and Afonso sister name is Nazanin. Affonso is naughty and Nazanin is not naughty but one day there was a book and they are not allowed to read the book until they are 11 but there are 10 and Affonso could not wait so he grabbed the book and he ran of to his room and he stayed there for 2 houwers. And he started reading and reading and the book was about a kid how is trapped in a dungeon. He has to find the key to get out so he started moving so he took a left and a right and right then a left and  then he got to a door and the door was open and he went in and he so some thing he so  alien that jump out of a plane and he was knocked out smash into a wall of bricks and sow he went to sleep and then he woke up next to a alien and he asked “ boy :how did I get here’ “alien : how did you not die in the cold’ but the boy was infected by a dug when he went to sleep and he spread the bug around  and slowly the dug got to everyone in the world.

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