Tuesday, 20 September 2016

haunted house

haunted house

There once was a house and the house they said it was haunted  and there was one man that wanting to go in and see the ghost to find out if the ghost in real and his name was James and he had no family he was left out in the cold and he was left in front of a house and the house was owed by to people and those two people were named Mary and Henry and they  were married for 3 years and they pulled in James  and James was a very smart boy and he went to the best college and he got bullied and then he went to his house and at his house he got a call and that call was  saying the Mary and Henry died and then he went to   there funeral and he felt a tingle and then he went to the house and some people all ready went in and said that the place was haunted and he said that that was a lie and then he we in and saw a plate move he said is anyone here and there was no answer and then he went to the kitchen and then he heard a yell for help and he ran there as fast a possible and there was nothing there and then and then he got scared and he ran for the exit and then he went to the grave and there was no stone saying that they died and he went back to the house and
LI: to write a short narrative Today my group got asked to make a narrative and my narrative is on a story about a haunted house and what I found hard was the under standing what a narrative is and it took me not long to do this work

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